We forget our real selves from the faces we fake upon

Not denying that we play multiple roles a day, being every day different with challenges coming up from the things we encounter or specifically we go through.We play different roles, we won’t be same towards one another, though our levels differ, our lives differ and so do our personality. Just that you have a brutish attitude towards one person that doesn’t flash out you have the same attitude towards everyone in the vicinity.

Words that come from the heart and the words we utter directly from our mind lack resemblance, cause we have learned to overpraise the situations with people around.

We often flatter when we don’t need and when we need to acclaim to a real bona fide we fall through.

The credence and the urge make us run after deceitful people, as in our eyes these are the ones who ought to rely on. And thus, the legit ones have lost their eternal existence.Knowing the fact we loose faithfulness in ourself in the course of time from the judgement we make.Diversifying the real and the fake ones lets us fall into the trap where we ourself run in the race of  these fake ones. Though we reckon our thoughts for someone else, at the end the faces we thought as fake and real, are our state of preassuming things for ourself.


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