This world is better place to live in if you stand on clod of your dreams

It’s not about taking a straight road to reach a destined place.Even the gleam of sunlight unders goes trials and tribulations, nevertheless we are humans a fanciable creation of the creater of this universe. Despite the bristles of the journey to survive we think the destination as the most captivating thing.

Outliving in this  cynical world is a nailed thing, the journey doesn’t haunts more than what the surmise of people does.The most overruling thing to catch flies is the inferences which we ought to beleive at a later point of time.Still the sojourn of life is a beautiful phase for everyone.

It begins with people coming our way to insculpt our path from the people who polish up our landscape teaching us crappy and spanking things.

At the end what constitues to be the most esteemed thing is viabling your dreams.

 The things i castled in air ,

are now  embrossed  in the game of life,

i envisioned to see my triump in this world,

newfangled off the pace my dreams stand captivated……….


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