Don’t crush my expectations, a bliss in my life will change my time….

We often solicit people who have accomplished their dreams, not because their journey had been easily but they found things in their reach early.We i found my dreams vague to execute deriding voices vocalized around my ears. You sense grit both in behaviour as well in the tone of people who once squirmed around you for need.Selflessly helping is venom for us when at time we are in a situation of need people stand out to watch the show.

How worn out we are, people are in the saddle to watch you drench.When you beseech light at the end thriving for tussle, a small goal becomes tough as nails.Instead of giving a helping hand ,people eye on the jewel they get seeing someone weakening.

The sympathy, err clemency comes bulging suddenly, the chaste downpour of expressing kindness is what we feel this time. Even the most silent ones get the inner courage at peak to become voluble.It’s just a matter of time in life, once your sand castle’s get washed away , the next moment your determination for laying a strongly grounded palace raises its faith firm thousand times.

You get subterfuge by the tip-off people are ready with, not that but you yourself unwittingly get in.Even the ones you adore the most have their winds diverted towards us with some purpose not by heart but a grand design of life.You only need to turn your life contracting your mind not by the sensitivity of your heart.


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