And when my silence echoed.


No matter how my day goes , i start everyday with a new thought that today will be more intresting than yesterday.My early morning chores start up 6a.m , everyday be it sunday.

I make sure my  yearn for a hot cup of green tea without sugar never cconfines to just fewdays but now i m habitual of it.

But who could imagine a perfect day turing up with bizzare things.Getting a call late night from your best friend informing that he will be shifting in the same city for job was the most amazing news i recived.Absconding a day without confessing your daily schedule was a never-ending story for both of us.But still there was nothing we could envision between both of us.Like your best friend turning into the most amazing boy friend wasn’t there in our connection atleast.The of balance of understanding we had was rarity of our relationship.

Friendship need not to be defined nor you need to give a name to it.

Reverting to the call, the next morning bought a marvelous smile on my face.Wow!! My best friend is just coming in my city for job!!!!This thought was making me on cloud nine.Enjoying the long hour of chatting session with some famous roadside snacking of this city was all that was flickering my mind.

Suddenly your dazzling sun lit morning will be darkened by the things that started your day.Breaking up the only flat keys you had, disturbing your roomate in sleep who was back from night shift a couple of hours back was the only option.Was it a nightmare, such a setback of incidence happening.Is there something really amiss going to happy All contravening thoughts where fluttering in mind.

He was called me as his flight landed,i could sense how delighted he was.Well, i was more eagar to meet him that evening.I started with my on the go chores, hurrying up crowing up my lunch pack and munching on my morning breakfast i prepared.

In the meanwhile i got a call from him asking to meet in evening.The grody affair that happened got slipped from my memory.Finally hearing a word from him was not more than a heavenly feeling.It was because i was used to him or be it him listening ,infact bearing my tantrums.

I knew something unwonted is going to happen with me, my demise is akin with the incidences.I was aware what was going to ensue.Things that are meant to be true will always happen and we can’t control.Only one thought i had in mind was just to meet my best friend.

Something was going to happen, something really bad, lights seemed to be dim, mind was getting blank as if i reached the end of the line.However, i realised my endearment chapter for my best friend was going to diminish.It was planned yet it meant to be happened.I couldn’t work that day, and  jus walked out from my desk when all off a sudden something overcasted around my eyes and i staggered.And the cadence of my heartbeat was lowering.The chapter of my life thus cramped kocking off from the feelings i had to evince from a very long time.


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