Sometimes life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick.And indeed it happens!!!!


Sometimes life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.”

I abdicate your happiness!!That’s what life made me.A broken winged bird, devastated with no hope left what my future is going to be.But a little faith somewhere in your heart’s corner will never let you give up every point of life.. A dire time is more or like black and white colours.Both decisive, at the same they will show you the seven colours of a person like a rainbow.Too many of us go through the same situation.So i thought to begin like this : Like every aspiring mind, my dreams had a clear perspective, not just  black and white shade of life but it had multiple colours so relatable , that i could never blend to get a new colour.With so crystal clear thoughts you never think of prons and cons which your are going  to face at any point of time

             Every shade of life isn’t the same as we expect it to be.Every perfect moment will turn out to be imperfect, every perfect thought will sway away from mind.The journey of your life lays bare in front of you without any purpose.No matter your dreams don’t come true , there is a way for everything.Sole purpose of life is canvassed by God, He has a plan for everything ,for everyone.Be it your screwed engineering, a long working hour job , problems in love life, everything has a purpose.The only thing that sums up everything in life is a never give up attitude.This  moment your mind and  heart will have the black and white shade from among  the different shades of life, where your heart says ” There is still hope left don’t give up”, and the mind says “Nothing can be done, there’s no point in trying another time”. Paying heed to your heart will never ever let you down.

 Follow your heart and every dream will become versatile.You yourself will embrace your life, which has made you strong just the way a pupal turning out into a beautiful butterfly.When you feel down in life, God paints your canvas with  the dullest of black and white shades  and ultimately splashes with the seven beautiful colours of the rainbow.And indeed, this moment changes your life, those struggles have carved you well, that you have turned out to be the unique and finest creation of God.

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